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  • Mostafa Moradian

    Mostafa Moradian

    SSWE @ Grafana Labs, interested in software engineering and testing, security, reading/writing, and a bunch of other things. https://mostafa.dev

  • Dimitar Nikovski

    Dimitar Nikovski

  • Doried Abdallah

    Doried Abdallah

  • Pieter Raubenheimer

    Pieter Raubenheimer

    Software product thinker-builder.

  • Michael Ceber

    Michael Ceber

    Fullstack .net, c#, typescript, react developer etc…

  • Efi Shtain

    Efi Shtain

    Software Developer, Tech Blogger

  • Nima Mahmoudi

    Nima Mahmoudi

    I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Alberta and a visiting researcher and a part-time Instructor at York University.

  • KubeSphere


    KubeSphere (https://kubesphere.io) is an open source distributed operating system providing cloud native stack with Kubernetes as its kernel.

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